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            Hangzhou Xingguan Machinery Co.,Ltd.

                           Wire machinery Expert

      Wire production solution and machinery supplier in China !!!

      Main product

      CO2 / SAW Welding wire production line with high speed copper coating system

      Automatic re-spooling line / Layer winding machine

      No twist coiler/ Pail packer/Pail packing machine

      Non-acid wire rod cleaning production line
      Belt grinding descaler for steel wire rod prepare 

      High, middle, low carbon steel wire drawing machines

      Zinc/ Zinc alloy wire production line

      Our Customer

      Longteng Special Steel Co. Ltd.

      Tianjin Golden Bridge Welding Material Group. Co.Ltd.

      Tianin Bridge Welding Material Group.Co.Ltd.

      Atlantic China Welding Concumbales INC.

      HIT Welding Industry Co.Ltd.

      Esab Welding

      NV Bekaert SA/Esab India/Bohler China,India,Indonesia

      Royal Arc Electrodes, India/ UNIKA AMERICA

      ... More than 300 welding wire produciton lines provided by us all over the world

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      Address:Zhejiang Tonglu Chi Ha Industrial Zone (at 320 State Road 308 km) Phone:0571-64661737 Fax:0571-64661722 Mobile:(0)13806514217 Design By : Doing

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